Blacksmith Community Mixtape Night

Last night, was probably the first best night of 2010.

Before I leave the house to venture on my awesome night, my dad says to me as I leave,
“Give it to them anak (son).”

I met up with Arthur and Angela and ate some awesome Japanese grubs at O’Taisho! When you go, please get the grilled eel rolls and tuna tartar. Don’t bother with the chicken skewers. The pork and beef yakitori is the way to go. Oh and the chicken hearts and gizzards were awesome 😉

good foood

We move on to Le Poisson Rouge (LPR) and there’s a line to wait for Pete Rock and Talib but IZZYWAITSFORNOMAN (jk) so we head to a nearby bar for some 007s and beers. Shelly comes thru with her fried Mike and hilarity ensues.

Some waiter breaks a hookah. Terrible sound.

Fast track to LPR where the drinks are way too watery and ten dollars each (one of the ugly faces of The City) and I meet one of the most talented and beautiful souled musicians I ever met Chelsea Baratz who is on some jazz point and we talk for like an hour it seemed about the state of music and where we wanna take it.

Please check her out. She is dopesauce to the max. She extended such a great gesture and gave me a copy of her super awesome jazz album, “In Faith” and it took me to another PLANET. Collab imminent.

Finally Talib comes on and does his thing, starts to explain the Blacksmith Mixtape and starts to play tracks. Look Of Love is ten tracks in, and once I hear the intro it’s camera time. My friends do a great job of shouting me out and luckily I was standing right in front of Talib. He announces ” next song by this dude Izzy and his dope track Look Of Love” an then when we get his attention he looks at me and says ” this is your song? This is hot man.”.

At that point you could have robbed and punched me and i would still have been cool. A musician I respect and look up to actually listened to my song and said it was hot. God’s really blessed me so much this year.

I’ll put the vid up as fast as I can yoochoob it.

Definitely the first night of the rest of my life.

And today is another day of my journey to fitness even tho I’m exhausted to the max. ROB DON’T PUSS OUT.

also mad love to everybody who show me continuous support and appreciation. I do this for you.


About izzyman IZZY is an Intangible, part of the Intangible Collective, he has performed and competed since 2005 from Texas State to Pampanga, Philippines. He is a poet, writer, performer, music producer, rapper, musician, artist, dancer, and stuffs. His single"(LOL) Look of Love" off his upcoming mixtape/album "Symphony." was recently featured on the Blacksmith Community Mixtape by Talib Kweli and Mick Boogie.
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5 Responses to Blacksmith Community Mixtape Night

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  2. Ha! “dopesauce”. (Why didn’t we take a picture last night?!) Collab is gonna be off the chain, my creative juices are flowing with your style in mind, and can’t wait to give your music some hornification. &

    • izzyman says:

      ahhh we should’ve! Since I had just met you, I didn’t know the proper protocol about that =( but we’ll have plenty of opportunity about that. I hope your flight went well!

  3. chopzilla says:

    Yo congrats again!Nice pics!Ima bug you again cause I don’t know anyone who was there..damn chopzilla
    Did they play beats too and did they give a release date?Im downloading your joints now …nice!!!

  4. The most difficult thing is to find a blog with unique and fresh content but your blog is different. Bravo.

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