916 – Tornado in NYC?!

So these past couple of weeks have been INSANE. 1st. CONGRATS to my friends Matt and Courtney Gunther for getting married. Oh how things move quickly.

2nd. Beautiful time with my old college friends Dan, Kyle, Andrew, Emma, and Jess. Twas like going back in time. HERES TO CHRIS! Then got to hang with some of my best friends from Oneonta. It was just a great weekend. p.s. KAYLA NEVINS I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH. chickencheesecakes.

3rd. Came upon an interesting Funeral home in Buffalo

As Courtney put it, “Am I gone? … Yes, you are.”

4th. Last week had an Armani Exchange projection program thru my work with Mediacy Outdoor.

It was quite stressful and with a 3 day leadtime, I think we did the best. Anyways twas just real work and fun for us and the interns. Arthur, I, and the Dutch Princesses went to K-Town afterwards for some late night chop-chae, bibimbap, and kalbi. yums.

Also, Arthur and I came across this food cart that had this sticker

but it had the lamest food. Grilled cheese sandwiches? Peanut butter and jelly? like, there was NOTHING on the menu that was outstanding. They had buttered rolls and coffee. I think they stole that sticker from a cooler cart.

ANDD city at dawn.


5th. Then got to chill with the lovely Theresa Nicole before her trip to Thailand to teach English to kids. LIKE ME. except in thailand. We had a lovely couple evenings at Kissena park, and I have a bamillion mosquito bites to show for it. That wine was terrible, but the Toblerones and homemade cookies made up for it. also, did NOT appreciate those old men with their dogs.


gorgeous time.

6th. Meg and her wonderful in-love heart got me feeling fuzzies with her roomates Patty and Liane at a wonderful steak dinner. So good, makes me not wanna eat steak no mores. =p

AND! the reason why you probably started reading this.

HUGE 5 minute storm hit the city last thursday, 9/16/10. Manhattan was kind of untouched, but Brooklyn and Queens def got a little bit of tornado action. Arthur and I (wow, I’m with that kid alot) were waiting for the 7 Train on an outdoor platform at 74th and Roosevelt, and you could see the pillar of storm coming; literally calm breezy sky and then this dark grey gelatinous material of doom. When it hit us, it was just crazy rain, hail, wind, and we felt this all while practically INDOORS. Immediately the 7 train stopped working (this was around 6 PM) and we walked out to catch a bus to flushing. Now, pictures of ridiculous happenings in nature.

Blue: hey, you got tree on my sidewalk!
White: You got tree on MY sidewalk!

this church used to have a steeple.

power line tree near my block (did i mention I didn’t have power for 3 days)

too bad guy =(

Yeah, that’s a whole sidewalk out.

Half a tree

tree in a house. treehouse?


I leave you with an image of an awesome menu page.


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2 Responses to 916 – Tornado in NYC?!

  1. resaeaves says:

    that dog had a shiny red jugular.

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