The Walking Dead

So AMC’s new show, The Walking Dead? I watched the first two episodes and well…

Yeah.  It is utterly and ridiculously amazing. Let me first off go and say that I’m kind of tired of all the zombie stuff. I’ve seen all the Romero flicks, the remakes, played the Resident Evils (yay) watched the Resident Evils (boo), Saw Zombieland, played Call of Duty Zombies on ps3, xbox, and iphone, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, seen the Zombie Corps on campus (blech) read Marvel Heroes Zombies, had Red Dead Redemption Zombie mode on for a bit, beat Plants vs. Zombies like 10 times (those long train rides) and have definitely sort of memorized Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Long story short, The Walking Dead starts off with a bang, has enough intrigue, mystery, and heart to make it different than all those other ones. So far, it has alot of major similarities; Some sort of viral outbreak, survivors find each other and band together, zombies do the zombie shuffle. The differences are that this show, built from the already really strong graphic novels, are more about the drama and the people; less about the violence and the whole “zombie” thing.  I could care less about the zombie outbreak, I just want to know more about these characters.

(this is how i feel every morning during morning rush-hour)
Check out the trailer here

The thing with AMC and their great tv hits including Mad Men and Breaking Bad aren’t so much that its super great writing, great cinematography, jokes, or super crazy situations. Its about these hugely faceted characters. It took 4 years for Don Draper to start being honest on Mad Men. I’m just so super excited to see how The Walking Dead will turn up. It’s been awhile since I watched a good TV series and felt genuine emotion for fictional characters.

And if you haven’t started watching The Walking Dead, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!


About izzyman IZZY is an Intangible, part of the Intangible Collective, he has performed and competed since 2005 from Texas State to Pampanga, Philippines. He is a poet, writer, performer, music producer, rapper, musician, artist, dancer, and stuffs. His single"(LOL) Look of Love" off his upcoming mixtape/album "Symphony." was recently featured on the Blacksmith Community Mixtape by Talib Kweli and Mick Boogie.
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2 Responses to The Walking Dead

  1. Ioni Reyes says:

    I loved them too!!!!! I loved at the end of the first episode when the guy couldn’t shoot his wife, it was so dramatic and sad. Its a great show.

  2. Jesse Dorsey says:

    Yeah, I was all zombied out. Then my friend showed me the comic strip this was based on, instantly hooked.

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