1.15.11 – food lesson #1 – SUSHI

my dad showed me the ropes in proper sushi rollin. in order to make sushi rolls, it’s pretty easy. if you want to make sushi at home, it’s totally easy, cost effective, and honestly really as tasty as you can make it.

you just need:

1. Japanese rice
2. Filler – Sashimi grade raw fish i.e. salmon, tuna, avocado (cut lengthwise to fit a roll whole), spicy mix, cucumber, etc.
3.  Seaweed aka Nori
4. vinegar, sugar, salt
5. clean cutting board
6. bamboo sushi roller
7. plastic wrap
8. a really sharp big knife- look for a SUSHI knife if possible, no serrations


small grain means sticky

1. RICE – first, cook about 4 cups japanese rice in a standard rice cooker (think 1 cup of rice per person, 1 cup to 2-3 rolls) , if you don’t have one, look for rice boiling instructions on the web/youtube, etc.  it’s important you use japanese rice as opposed to indian rice, american long grain, uncle ben, etc.  japanese rice has the sticky consistency that you need to make dope sushi rolls.  if possible, cook it so that it ends up a bit wet instead of drying out completely. Put the rice in a bowl, let it cool (never roll with hot or really warm rice, general rule of thumb is, if you cant touch it, you cant roll with it)

translation: super sour! REALLY!

2. in a bowl, mix about 2 cups vinegar, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and 2 tablespoons of salt.  mix together gently until the ingredients are fully dissolved. using a spoon, put about a half cup to a cup of the liquid mix in the rice, mixing thoroughly so the rice is moist, and coated in the vinegar mix.  less is more here, don’t want the rice to taste of straight up vinegar.

cut nori sheets so they look like this

3. cut nori sheets in half and place flat on cutting board. soak fingers in vinegar mix, and using fingers, scoop a bit of rice and put directly on nori.  spread it out, don’t mash the rice, but make it so that it fits to the edges of the seaweed and there is a thin layer of rice on the seaweed; thickenough to cover the green, but not too thick after that. this ain’t a restaurant tryin to fill you up on rice after all, you want the most in your rolls.

4. cover the bamboo in plastic wrap twice or three times, and fit it snug.  put the flat side of the bamboo roll and line it up with the nori and rice.  flip it up so that the rice is now in between the nori and the seaweed, and the seaweed is on the top, with the bamboo roll on the bottom.

5. fit filler in the middle. just remember that if you’re using a mix, it’ll be harder to cut on the first try.  try to keep the filler to a minimum if it’s your first time, so you can get the rolling and cutting down.

decent drawing of sushi rollins

6. grabbing the bamboo roller, roll the sushi roll into itself, so there is a little extra lip of rice and seaweed peeking from the bottom.  squeeze gently to give the roll shape and hold.  then pull the bamboo back, and finish rolling the rest of the sushi into itself.

7. take the roll of the bamboo and place on the cutting board.  place the bamboo roller over sushi roll and squeeze gently, pushing the sides in gently so that there is a general shape and hopefully spillover isnt too bad.  If there’s alot spilling out of the side, don’t worry, that just means awesome extras.

use a wet knife, or the rice will stick =/

8. moment of truth.  take off the bamboo roller, and place sushi roll in middle of cutting board.  using sharp knife, wet it a little under cool water, then cut from the middle.  then cut each half into thirds.  the best way is to grip the roll lightly and using your sharp knife, cutting back and forth letting the blade slide through the soft ingredients instead of trying to chop it, or else you’ll end up with smushed sushi.  try to cut in uniform pieces.

9. serve on plate with wasabi, ginger, whatever else you like =)

or on a person with wasabi, whatever.

hopefully I’ll put up a vid up next time we have sushi so this tutorial/recipe will be easier to follow.

in the meantime, do me a favor, and dont douse your rolls in soy sauce.  the point of sushi rolls is to taste the fish and the rice together, perhaps with about a pea size of wasabi and a dab of soy sauce to accompany it.  if you want to douse it in soy sauce, just order fish and rice and put soy sauce all over it.  and if you’re eating sushi at some place where you got to drench it in soy sauce, it’s about time you start looking elsewhere for sushi.


and if you’re in an area where you can’t find fish for sushi-making at home, check if your town has a Japanese restaurant and ask them where they get their fish.  Doesn’t hurt to ask =)

food is dope. eating is life. bong bong.



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