1.19.11 – Dead Space x Filipino Mom

First, watch these mothers react to the new Dead Space 2 video game, a horror survival action game by EA (which I am very excited for).

Now watch this Filipino mom react to the same footage.

I figure since about 90% of Filipino women (or Filipinas) are nurses, I feel like they would just shrug off dismemberment and decapitations has “another day at the office.”

Sampaguita, can you please fax thiHOLYYYYYYSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE



Also, this reminds me of a time when I played Resident Evil 4 for the first time on Gamecube at my friend Miko’s house.




I was playing while him, my two sisters, and my mom was watching.  Nobody was more into the game than my mom.  She was screaming and yelling and saying, “LOOK! LOOK OUT! RUN! SHOOT!” like any backseat gamer. I GOT THIS MANNN.

p.s. I love you mom =) (who is also filipina and a nurse. lol)


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http://www.izzyman.com IZZY is an Intangible, part of the Intangible Collective, he has performed and competed since 2005 from Texas State to Pampanga, Philippines. He is a poet, writer, performer, music producer, rapper, musician, artist, dancer, and stuffs. His single"(LOL) Look of Love" off his upcoming mixtape/album "Symphony." was recently featured on the Blacksmith Community Mixtape by Talib Kweli and Mick Boogie.
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5 Responses to 1.19.11 – Dead Space x Filipino Mom

  1. renxkyoko says:


    I don’t know if that’s true with all Filipino Moms, but my mom is just like your mom!!!! She , in fact, sometimes plays video games when she can find the time, and she’s always good at it.LOL

    • izzyman says:

      hahah YES isnt it amazing when your moms is sometimes more excited about things that were made to be exciting for you?! its all so ridiculous and cute too lol

      • renxkyoko says:

        But you know sometimes it’s a pain with her breathing down my neck and telling me what to do ( it’s okay though, coz she notices alot , like, ” check out that one on the left, I saw something shimmering, prolly a goodie )…. she is what we call the backseat driver. lol

  2. resaeaves says:

    the zombie nurses look very BioShock

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