1.24.11 – DC Heroes Pop-Up Book… Is Unnecessary.

this is from the final page of the DC Superheroes Pop Up Book, the worst tree coffin ever created.  There is about 14 pounds of ink and wood in this last page alone.   Notice how the pop-up extends like, three pages up into Captain Marvel (is that Captain Marvel? Outside of Batman’s Universe, DC is dead to me.) and the DC version of Jean Grey on the right wearing some yellow spandex.  Whatever.  The cardboard Supe and B-Man in the back would’ve been part of the book but I guess they ran out of scotch tape.

Pop-up books like this shouldn’t exist.  First off, I stopped thinking pop-up books were losing their cool factor after 6th grade and I started noticing girls.  With pop-ups as intricate as this, this is clearly not geared towards the younger kids who would just open the pages wrong and tear off Bizarro’s leg, or the Flash’s head (which I did, sorry Barnes & Nobles demo book).  If you are over puberty and purchased this book for yourself… there’s just things you need to reconsider.

on a sidenote… #nerdalert you should definitely read up on Hush – without giving it away, imagine a bad guy as tough and smart as B-Man, but always thinks one step ahead, and most importantly, knows B-Man’s true identity.   I know the story isn’t that new, but whatever. Read it.

Also, Bats and Cats definitely hook up.

and like, literally every awesome Batman bad guy/girl shows up.  gets me pumped for the Dark Knight Rises by Christopher Nolan.  Catwoman and Bane? definitely interesting.

not this Bane tho. ew.

p.s. Jeph Loeb writes this awesomeness, yet wrote the ridiculously crappy Marvel “Ultimatum”.  Don’t even get me started on that.




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