2.15.11 – Poor in the Pocket, Rich in the Culture

Last July, I ventured to the Philippines and decided to take a tour of some of the poorer areas of Quezon City.  No matter how different these people are, they are exactly like New Yorkers.  They’re all busying themselves to stop thinking of what’s right in front of them.  They’re all full of color, full of stories.  They’re all into being strong characters.  It was dope to see all of this.  Here’s some more pictures.

This is a Jeepney, the MTA of the Philippines.  No metrocards, no white lines, no yellow stop tapes, or pulley cords.  The jeepneys pretty much never stop, they just slow down.  If you manage to get on, you have to pass your money down to the driver. Jeepneys are mostly privately owned, thus the crazy designs to attract customers.  Because air conditioning is expensive, these silver buckets get real hot, especially in the denser parts of traffic. Imagine a really hot summer day, stuck in a car, but its filled to the brim, and the only cool wind is from the hot breeze from your roll-down windows.  That’s just a regular day for a Filipino. How we stay cheery, I have no idea

Little kids are taught how to gamble at such a young age, especially watching this youngin spend like 30p and never get a spongebob. luckily i tried and got one and gave it up to her. I even won another one for myself, as a reminder that the Philippines is hella cheap, but so is everything made and sold in it.

Filipino breakfast. different types of sausages, shumai (DIM SUM SON), fried eggs, sliced gouda, white steamed rice, tomatoes with cured eggs, tapa (marinated fried beef), eggplant omellete, mango juice, orange juice, and whatever else you wanted just ask the help. In the Philippines, you don’t need to be rich to have servants; its common for houses to have caretakers, cooks, and drivers. My aunt is upper middle class, and she has like a team of cooks, drivers, cleaners.  Considering that there really isn’t a middle class in the Philippines, I guess you can say she’s pretty well off.

Got the ill hookup and we got to stay at the Dusit Manila hotel, which is a Thai themed hotel in the Philippines.  Which is like a Canadian themed hotel in the U.S.  Absurd, but then again, Thai themes are so dope.  Great rooftop pools, great oil and flower massages, great breakfast buffet, and great rooms.


Hope you learned a little about the Philippines! I have more pics which I’ll put up soon.




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http://www.izzyman.com IZZY is an Intangible, part of the Intangible Collective, he has performed and competed since 2005 from Texas State to Pampanga, Philippines. He is a poet, writer, performer, music producer, rapper, musician, artist, dancer, and stuffs. His single"(LOL) Look of Love" off his upcoming mixtape/album "Symphony." was recently featured on the Blacksmith Community Mixtape by Talib Kweli and Mick Boogie.
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  1. toemailer says:

    That jeepney is super cool! Ok, maybe hot too 🙂

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