2.19-2.22 – Life in Full Force

bunch of photos from the first video shoot of “Color Me” directed by Sean Gallagher (INTANGIBLES!) at the Jacob Burns Film Center.


catch us doing a little intro video for the real video here =)

still alot of work to do. Daniel Lopez, aka D. Hype, came thru and blessed the Color Me shoot with some RIDICULOUS dancing (and a little bit of magicsauce NAAAMEANN) and we had enough time to shoot a second short video for my new track, “Melody” starring me, D Hype and my main manager Stephanie Olga =)

and if you still haven’t heard Color me, peep it here

all in all, busy busy busy. More to come!



About izzyman

http://www.izzyman.com IZZY is an Intangible, part of the Intangible Collective, he has performed and competed since 2005 from Texas State to Pampanga, Philippines. He is a poet, writer, performer, music producer, rapper, musician, artist, dancer, and stuffs. His single"(LOL) Look of Love" off his upcoming mixtape/album "Symphony." was recently featured on the Blacksmith Community Mixtape by Talib Kweli and Mick Boogie.
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