I’m On National TV!

on set at Chopped! at the Brooklyn Kitchen

Check it!

I was blessed to be a contestant on “Chopped: What’s In Your Basket?” which is Chopped, but a mini version.  This competition was sponsored by CiCi’s Pizza, and shot by The Food Network.  Whenever the clip gets on, I’ll make sure to add it up.

CiCi’s def had some dope ingredients.

tasty, tastyyyy ingredients

I and 3 other contestants were tasked to make the illest pizza we can with the ingredients we had. However, just between you and me, I’ve never made a handmade pizza in my entire cooking career! So I figure, let’s DO THIS.

With the help from my partner in crime, Daniel Lopez, aka D. Hype, aka Ninja, aka nowwe’retwo aka magicsauce, he definitely gave me some major guidance in the art of pizzintsu, as he was already a level 30 Pizza Shogun with +8 Agility.  Channeling all my jitsus, while kneading the dough with my knuckles, I imagined his hands swirling the yin of the flour with the yan of the sauce, and his voice saying, “Don’t F*** up.”

Here’s the rundown, just in case you really wanna know what I did:

1. Dough – premade, yeasty, covered it in flour, it seemed like about 4 cups of dough, oiled up the pizza pan, beat up the dough with my knuckles and even did a little bit of lifting and …. dareisay throwing? the dough stretched, and flattened, and just had even texture like about 1/2 inch thick all around.

2. saute’d some fresh crushed garlic, butter, oregano, basil, and extra virgin olive oil in a saucepan on medium, just enough to get a glaze, about a half cup’s worth.  I cooled it in the fridge and before I was gonna put on toppings, i took a brush and dabbed it in the glaze and oiled up the dough to give it a nice glisten, crunchy texture, and explosive flavor

3. saute’d sliced red onions to bring out the sweetness with a dash of salt in slight EVOO, then put them in a collander to cool (never put hot anything on fresh dough as it will cook the dough before you put it in the oven… you dont want that )

4. prepared sauce with 1 part pizza sauce, 1 part alfredo, 1/2 part MAPLE SYRUP (thats the secret right THERE) and a dash of red pepper and cayenne.  apply on dough, making sure to leave about an inch from the edge for the crust to rise.  don’t put too much sauce as that will make the slice all soggy; you don’t want that.

5. added mozzarella liberallyfirst , covering the pie ( i like little bits on the crust too, it’s like a nice surprise) the cooled onions, a basil leaf per slice, some pepperoni for some meat and spicy bite, the chopped spinach, then more mozz on top to bind all the ingredients together.

6. oven 450, 10-15 minutes, but pay attention. if the crust has risen and the cheese is melted… you good.

And I think I did pretty alright!

BAM! looky at that! first handmade pizza EVAR

The oven was all over the place , so thats why one side burned. but the burn was minimal, and honestly I shoulda paid more attention.

This is for you D. Hype. MAGICSAUCE.

I couldn’t have done this pizza without you man. Making moves ALL DAY.

So how did it go? Who won? Well, you’l have to tune in when the clip gets up. However, all I can say is, in the words of the Hype,




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2 Responses to I’m On National TV!

  1. toemailer says:

    Pretty good lookin pizza!

  2. yuanju tsai says:

    gosh izzy you are so damn cool!!!!! ❤

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