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Ferris Bueller: Time Wizard

Today marks the 25th Anniversay for the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, starring Matthew Broderick, Mia Sara, and Alan Ruck.  The film, written and directed by 80’s Brat Pack creator John Hughes, was released on June 11, 1986, making it … Continue reading

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I’m On National TV!

Check it! I was blessed to be a contestant on “Chopped: What’s In Your Basket?” which is Chopped, but a mini version.  This competition was sponsored by CiCi’s Pizza, and shot by The Food Network.  Whenever the clip gets on, … Continue reading

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2.18.11 – Forced Perspective

young sister old sister small sister big sister -IMout

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2.6.11 – SNAP!

this reminds me of pokemon snap. THROW THE BERRIES! WAKE UP SNORLAX! taken at the American Museum of Natural History -IM out

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Town Votes for Harry Baals

that’s all you need to know. i think the news reporters enjoyed saying the term “hairy balls” on air over and over. -IMout

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2.5.11 – Sketchy Basement Bar

Meg, Arthur, and I, after walking from the Intangible Slam in the LES to the train station, walk down St. Marks and spot this wonderful spot.  If it was advertising the closed down bar it was in front of, or … Continue reading

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2.4.11 – Spice Girls…in a VIDEOGAME?!

so back in the 90’s the fame of the Spice Girls reached new heights all over the world, becoming an international sensation.  Joining the ranks of musicians with video games, such as Michael Jackson with Moonwalker for Sega Genesis, Journey … Continue reading

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